Who I Am
About me, Meier Steel, and the pattern-welded steel I make. Meier Steel has served the knife and sword industry for over 25 years.
What I Can Do For You
Because Meier Steel is a unique busines, here's an explanation of what I can do for you.
Some Really Special Moments
A few pictures - some really special moments!
Things that I have Made
Mysterious, ancient and beautiful, used by peoples ranging from ancient Japanese smiths to nomadic Vikings.
Things Others Have Made
Here are various things that other blademakers have made using pattern-welded steel from Meier Steel!
Available Finished Items
At long last, something is available!
Materials Available
Prices will vary depending on pattern and complexity, and available patterns will depend on what I'm currently making. Many find Meier Steel more cost effective than if they were to make it themselves!
Visit the websites of some of my friends and colleagues!

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